Wednesday, May 20, 2009 readies website for new data releases

The team at the Family History website is in the final stages of a new website design that will enhance and simplify the way records can be accessed on its website. Previously Familyrelatives' members were able to click on one of two tabs to access records from England and the United States.

Now with the growth of data sets and the forthcoming addition of records from Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States it has been necessary to expand the tabs and simplify the website layout to accommodate the growing number of datasets.

The improvements include a New Menu which allows users to be more selective in their viewing, as well as new search pages which will make it easier to navigate and use the website. Databases have been classified into regions making it simpler to locate data. Additional search refinements will also assist in making searches faster and more efficient.

"We have been listening to our members who have complimented the clear and straightforward design. They liked the no-nonsense approach we have taken and so we decided to build and expand on these features in anticipation of the new data sets that will be uploaded over the coming months. The groundwork has been well prepared and as well as expanding the data that will be available to our members, in the very near future we will be introducing a number of other new features including a new image viewer and a calendar which will benefit our members" added a spokesman for the website.

As the amount of data on the website expands the different Country tabs will clearly indicate those new data sets being added. Members with subscriptions are able to take advantage of the new datasets. The new design is available to all members via the website.