Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Social Networking features NEW improvements

We are improving our Social Networking features

As many of you are aware was one of the first to introduce social networking specifically designed for both amateur and professional genealogists.

As part of our ongoing commitment to you and in order to enhance and develop the website we will be making a number of changes in the coming months.

We will be making it easier to invite family and friends, add photos, add important dates to your calendar which you may choose to share, we are also developing the home page to make it more informative and allow you to keep in touch with family as well as all the usual features which you have come to love and use.

As the profile side has grown beyond our expectation we need to add capacity to allow additional profiles. As we make these changes we will let you know so that you can make a note of these. We are very excited by these upcoming changes and hope that you will find them useful as an additional tool to tracking down those illusive ancestors.

The collection is part of over 650 million historic records available online to all members and visitors by way of an annual subscription of only £30.00 or US$50.00 or €35 at has added the following new records

• Corps of Royal Marines 1826 NEW
• Navy List 1847 December - 1848 March NEW
• Navy List 1848 December - 1849 March NEW
• Navy List 1882 June & December NEW
• Navy List 1913 January NEW
• Navy List 1915 January NEW
• Navy List 1918 January NEW
• Navy List 1925 January NEW
• Navy List 1929 October NEW
• Navy List 1934 January NEW
• Navy List 1938 May NEW
• Navy List 1938 August NEW
• Navy List 1939 February NEW
• Navy List 1939 August NEW
• Navy List 1940 May NEW
• Navy List 1940 August NEW
• Navy List 1941 June NEW
• Navy List 1943 December NEW
• Navy List 1943 July NEW
• Navy List 1945 July Volume II NEW
• Navy List 1945 June Volume III NEW
• Navy List of Retired Officers July 1947 NEW
• Navy List Vol.1-3 Jan 1952 NEW
• Royal Naval College Dartmouth May 1930 NEW
• Royal Navy Dartmouth September 1933 NEW
• His Majesty's Minesweepers 1943 NEW
• Whitaker's Naval and Military Directory 1898 NEW

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